Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cupcakes in Vegas Baby!

I was scheduled a 10 hour layover in Las Vegas landing around 7:30 PM.  I frantically googled cupcakes within walking distance from our hotel and found Jean-Philippe Chocolates and Pastries at the Bellagio.


I introduced my cupcaking world to Lorena, one of the other flight attendants working with me, and invited her to make the short trek to the Bellagio. In the two blocks we walked, we passed vagrants, stray dogs, a vagrant with a pet cat (that's a new site for me), limos, limos with people sitting out the window screaming  and many street performers.  I had been to Vegas briefly two times before on the way to Hawaii, but I never seen the street performers.  I had an epiphany! Wouldn't it be cool if I got my picture taken with Bumblebee from the transformers.  I handed my camera to Lorena and said take a pic.  I walked up to the bumblebee dude and he literally stepped away from me and said "I work for money".   At that moment, I was totally mortified! I can be so small town sometimes! I had no idea that you had to pay people to get your picture taken with them.  I could understand paying street performers, ya know the kind that play the saxophone beautifully, or the dancers that are so awesome they make it on the show "So You Think You Can Dance", but he was just standing there! At least street performers have a tip jar so you know they want money! So anyway Lorena and I walked away with no picture of Bumblebee.  When we arrived at the Jean-Philippe Chocolates at the Bellagio, there was a crowd of people at the entrance taking pictures of a huge display. The display was the worlds largest chocolate fountain. The fountain stands 27 feet high and circulates 2,100 pounds of chocolate (120 quarts) a minute. It's quite impressive.

Everything at Jean-Philippe Patisserie looked wonderfully delicious! There were even little mini wedding cakes just in case you had one of those quickie Vegas weddings for $20 bucks a pop.

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We looked at all the delicious desserts and finally came upon the cupcake section. There were only 3 to choose from but I had a feeling no matter which one we picked, they were going to be fabulous. I, of course, picked the Triple Chocolate cupcake and Lorena picked a Red Velvet cupcake. 

Our cupcakes were so pretty we didn't want to eat them.  Both our cupcakes were super fabulous.  I had never tasted a cupcake quite like it.  The frosting on each cupcake was more like a rich chocolate mousse and the cake was just so incredibly moist. Next time I am in Vegas I am going to try this little set up called a Sweet Trio. It has a rose macaroon, a mini creme brulee, and a peanut cake pop. 
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