Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Magnolia Cafe and Bakery in Webster, TX Review

Sometimes it's not about the cupcake, it's about the cake, and sometimes it's not about the place, it's about the company you keep.

My friend David and I went to Magnolias Cafe and Bakery in Webster, TX for coffee and dessert tonite around 7:00pm.  The cafe was fairly empty and you could tell the staff was winding down for the day.  My friend ordered the German Chocolate cake and I ordered a strawberry cake ball and a red velvet cake ball.  I would have ordered the only cupcake they offered, which was a chocolate cupcake, but it resembled the chocolate disaster cupcake I had baked a few years ago (actually looking at this picture, my cupcake looked more appealing). 
We also ordered coffee but had to wait for a fresh pot.  I was very impressed that they were honest about the age of the coffee.  Most coffee connoisseurs would rather wait for a fresh pot than be mislead with stale coffee out of shear laziness from the staff. 

As we were bantering over next year's potential super bowl champion (I of course picked the only team possible...Hello!  The STEELERS.)


 I watched my friend eat his German Chocolate cake while I attempted to sawed through my cake balls.   My friend said eating his cake reminded him of when he growing up and remembering what a good cook and baker his mother was and how she always made things from scratch. I would have to say that his German Chocolate cake tasted pretty darn good then.  However, attempting to even see the inside of one of my cake ball reminded me of the time I received a fresh ostrich egg and how I had to use a hammer to crack it open.  (Blonde trivia: Do you know how many chicken eggs equals one ostrich egg? 24! That makes a whole lot of cupcakes.) When I finally broke into the cake balls neither the strawberry nor the red velvet did anything for me. 

If you ever are in the area, I would recommend you only stick with Magnolia's  cakes and before reaching for the coffee ask when it was last brewed.  The cafe itself was somewhat inviting and there is a very large dining area.   

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