Saturday, August 4, 2012

Randy's Donuts, Inglewood, CA Review


I am in Los Angeles waiting to work a red eye to DC this evening and I am looking for ways to keep awake for the flight.  The last red eye flight I worked it took me two days to recover. I am so not a night owl.   I do not have time to recover from this flight as this is the first day of a four day trip, so I am loading up on Rockstar and sugar hoping the sugar rush will last the 5 hours it will take us to get to DC.  Randy's Donuts has the perfect sugar rush solution.  I found Randy's Donuts from my handy dandy little iphone app called TV Food Maps.  Randy's Donuts was only a mile walk from the hotel so I would get a nice little walk in as well.

Randy's Donuts is a no frills donut drive through.   I had Krispy Creme only once. Krispy Creme is way too dangerous for me.  The first time I experienced Krispy Creme my girlfriend and I were driving down the road when she saw the red "fresh" sign turn on and my girlfriend scream "OH MY GOODNESS! THE FRESH SIGN TURNED ON"! She almost got us into a car accident making a uturn into the parking lot.  I was thinking to myself what is the big deal. It's a donut.  Then I ate one, then I ate another, and another.  I ate 4 donuts.  Yes, I am quite embarrassed.  Needless to say, I avoid Krispy Creme donuts like the plague.  I ordered 6 glazed donuts today at Randy's Donuts and one chocolate cake donut .  I was totally thinking to myself that if God won't make me skinny, I will make my fellow flight attendants fat and share the sugary treats. If my fellow flight attendants won't eat them then I will give them to the pilots.  The pilots will eat anything.  I asked the super friendly girl behind the counter (I love super nice and friendly people who you can tell love their jobs), "So, who is better, Krispy Creme or Randy's"? The girl behind the counter smiled and said, "You will be back tomorrow".  I guess Randy's is the winner in her eyes. When I bit into  the chocolate cake donut, I was not impressed. However, when I bit into the glazed donut it melted in my mouth.  I died and went to donut heaven.  Randy's Donuts appear to be bigger than Krispy Creme donuts and they taste just as good as I remembered Krispy Creme to be if not better. 

I have a new place to visit whenever  I layover into LAX.  I am curious to hear everyone else's opinion.  Please comment your preference, Krispy Creme or Randy's Donuts and why.  Thank you for your sweet tooth opinion!