Thursday, September 9, 2010

SuzyBeez Cakez n Sweetz

I honestly was going to try and stay away from cupcake shopping during our recent visit to Houston in our quest to find a place to live.  I only had one day and I had to stay focused! As you can see I am not very good at staying focused.  We were stopped at a red street light and after looking at what seemed like the 100th place to live, the SuzyBeez sign just seemed to have had this neon glow to it (it was 2 in the afternoon) and I know I just heard this cupcake shop call out my name (for those of you who don't know me - I am legally deaf). We did a "right turn Clyde" move (we squealed the tires and everything in our little rental car) into the parking lot of SuzyBeez.  The shop was nice and bright with a cute little bee signature symbol.  A  friendly gentleman behind the counter described their cupcake shop process and that they have four flavors they keep on a regular basis and the other flavors are special flavors.  I must have looked tired and confused because the man offered his cupcake suggestion (I'm so glad he did!).  He said the Mexican Vanilla Cream is phenomenal (I think that was the name I was so tired I didn't even get to take a picture). How can you go wrong when the owner offers his personal favorite, so I ordered his special vanilla, cookies n creme, and a tres vanilla cupcake. They also had cake truffles. We ordered two truffles (they tasted ok, but I will stick to cupcakes).  I am so conflicted with this review.  The customer service was great, the shop was very cute, but I have issues with the cupcakes.  Of the three cupcakes we ordered we got one was just so so, one that was so stale if I dropped it on a tile floor it would have cracked the tile, and one that was so *&%@$# off the chart good, on a scale of 1 - 10 this cupcake was a 15.  

The awesome of awesome cupcake was the owners suggested Mexican vanilla cream cupcake (I think that is what it was called), this cupcake will haunt me! It was so good and I don't even like vanilla cupcakes! It had a creamy filling that I had never tasted before. The frosting was just the perfect fluff of sweetness topped with what I believe was white chocolate.  You must try this cupcake! I must go back and eat this cupcake!

The bad cupcake was the tres vanilla cupcake.  I don't know if it was just because I had just tasted the most perfect vanilla cupcake or what, but this cupcake was just blah, it really didn't have a memorable flavor it was just a plain vanilla cupcake to me. 

The ugly cupcake (not ugly looking just ugly tasting), this cupcake must have been lost for about 3 days (stiff happens).  I'm sure that this cupcake would have been tasty had I bought it the day it was made.  I knew this was not a newborn cupcake the moment I peeled back the cupcake paper.  This cupcake looked beautiful with its swirled oreo cream frosting.  There was even a half of an oreo cookie in the cupcake.  

Even though 2 of the 3 cupcakes did not meet my expectations, I will definitely be going back to Suzybeez for the hypnotic vanilla cupcake in the near future.

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