Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nostalgia and Lavendar Moon Cupcakery Visits

It was Labor Day weekend and Tony and I were looking for something to do on a beautiful weekend day.  Off to Annapolis, MD we went to see all the new "plebes" as Tony calls them.  The "plebes" are the new freshmen at the Annapolis Naval Academy.  They can be seen a mile away dressed in their bright whites walking among all the proud parents and the awe inspired tourists along with the dog walking locals.  We are not much for crowds, but the weather was just too beautiful to pass up.  After our blue crab dinner and our dessert of a handipped ice cream we walked to main street and noticed a cupcake shop tucked inside another building.  It almost looked like an ice cream shop.  Nostalgia Cupcake shop was an ice cream looking shop with eight or so different cupcakes to pick from.  I chose (as always) the chocolate peanut butter cupcake and Tony chose (as always) chocolate coconut.   Because we were so full from dinner and dessert, we saved our petite sweet treats for a late night treat.  On our drive home from Annapolis, MD, we ran into traffic on I95 so we made a detour into Alexandria, VA.  to kill some time and we Yelped "cupcakes" and found Lavender Moon Cupcakery.  Lavender Moon is a cute little baby doll style cupcake shop.  It had a big front empty room with one little table and in the back room there was a little glass covered table with an assortment of about 6 or 7 different flavors of cupcakes. The names all sounded so delicious I couldn't just pick 2.  I chose (Tony stayed in the car as parking is a nightmare in this area) S'mores, Pina Colada, Belgium Chocolate, Mexican Chocolate.  After we left Lavender Moon, we decided to drive to Gravelly Point Park in Arlington, VA to watch the jets land at DCA and enjoy the afternoon weather.  Even though I am around airplanes all day long, I still am awe struck at the massive pieces of metal flying in the air and enjoy the afternoon weather while nibbling on our sweet treats.  We sat at a picnic table next to a cyclist named Julius who was also enjoying the view.  Somehow or another we struck up a conversation and we found out he and his colleagues like cupcakes, so Tony volunteered Julius and his colleagues to be my new cupcake tasting guinea pigs. I will be making them Red Velvet and Boston Creme.  Wish me luck!

Lavender Moon Cupcakes
Lavender Moon cupcake taste review: The S'mores, Belgium Chocolate, and the Mexican Chocolate cupcake all tasted the same.  They were average tasting cupcakes with a very commercial sugary tasting frosting, other than the different toppings on top of the frosting, we couldn't tell the difference from each cupcake. We were not impressed with the taste.  The Pina Colada tasted like an angel food cake with a coconut frosting sprinkled with coconut, nothing wow about it.

Nostalgia Cupcakes
Nostalgia Cupcake shop: The Chocolate Peanut Butter was very rich and chocolatey, with a very rich tasting ganache that tasted just the way I like it.  Tony's Chocolate Coconut cupcake had the perfect amount of coconut flavor in the fluffy frosting. Tony is not a fan of chocolate but he did say the cupcake was very good.  The pictures were takin after we arrived at the picnic table so they aren't picture perfect, but they tasted awesome!

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