Monday, December 20, 2010

Craves 2nd review!

Tony and I were driving around the streets of Houston looking for...I forget what we were looking for BUT we discovered another Crave's location in the Houston area.  The first Crave's we went to it was the Uptown location.  This time we visited the West University location.  I'm very glad we did! Tony ordered the key lime (he was very upset they did not have his coconut (we went on a Tuesday - they only make coconut cupcakes on Sunday, Monday, and Friday...Our luck!) and I ordered the chocolate peanut butter (I really liked the chocolate chips inside the cupcake).  We didn't feel rushed to make a choice and the counter girl was helpful in answering all of our questions.  Both cupcakes were moist and tasty.  We had a very different experience at the West University location than from our first visit at the Uptown location. 

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