Sunday, July 17, 2011

Driving vs. Flying Cupcake Adventure Reviews

My motto is why drive when I can fly!

1. Its free (for airline employees)
2. It's faster (if you don't get bumped because flights are full).

However, there are some things in life that cannot be left to chance. Wedding's and births are two of them. They do not wait for your flight to arrive (well maybe if you are the one getting married they might but definitely not babies). Because of the definites and indefinites, we are trekking 26 hours from West Texas through Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and onto Clarksburg, WV for a family wedding. I did not agree to this trip without kicking and screaming as the driver of this trip is a certified road conqueror. If the last trip to Clarksburg, WV took 27.2 hours he is on a mission to conquer the trip in 26.5 hours (I think he may even bought some adult diapers for us). So to appease this road trip whiner, the driver offered me some kryptonite. He proposed I pick out some cupcake places along the way for my cupcake reviews. Hot diggity dog! I strategically planned the road trip to stop at 5 cupcake places. Trust me, if time permitted I would have picked many more! So many cupcake shops, so little time!

1.  Cupcakes on Kavanaugh, Little Rock, AK
2.  Muddy's Bake Shop, Memphis, TN
3.  Cupcake Collection, Nashville, TN
4.  Gigi's Cupcakes, Bowling Green, KY
5.  Baby Cakes, Lexington, KY

So if you have been to any of these places I would love to get your advice on what is their best cupcake!

Keep an eye out for my reviews!

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  1. While having an adventure, it is very inevitable for you to crave for something because of the weariness during your travel. Hmmm... thanks for sharing your thoughts about cupcake shops. You give a great idea to every reader of your blog on where they can find luscious cupcakes.