Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cupcake Sailing!

So we were sitting at home waiting for crew scheduling to call me out for a flight and Tony said "let's go cupcake sailing!" Ya know like garage sailing but instead of prowling for garage sails we were gonna prowl for cupcake shops! OK. Tony didn't really say that, he kinda said it in his own manly-macho way. Sort of like "yo, lets go eat some cupcakes!" I said "I'm so there, let's go!" Our first stop was Edibles Incredible in Reston, VA. Based on the Yelp reviews that I read, I decided to get a Lemon cupcake and Tony ordered an Almond Joy cupcake.  The lemon cupcake was huge compared to the almond joy cupcake but both were priced at a hefty $3.95 each.  Also as a Yelp review warned us, we were watching  the counter girl eagerly trying to package our 2 cupcakes in a fancy ribbon and a Chinese box so we kindly interrupted her and asked to carry our cupcakes out of the store as to not be charged an additional "packaging fee" to the already hard to swallow hefty cupcake price. The lemon cupcake was flavorful and moist.  The lemon frosting was little to be desired for but the delicious cupcake made up for the frosting's short comings.  Tony's cupcake on the other hand looked deflated and tasted very dry.  The coconut flavor that you associate an Almond Joy with was non existent other than in the few coconut flakes on top.

Our next cupcake shop stop was Bakeshop, Arlington, VA.  Although this shop did not have a big selection of cupcakes (there was about 7 flavors to choose from), all the cupcakes looked delicious.  I ordered a red velvet (I was still looking for THE perfect red velvet) and Tony ordered a Chocolate Toffee Crunch. The price per cupcake was $2.50 and they were packaged in cute individual boxes.  This red velvet is probably the BEST tasting red velvet I have tasted so far! This cupcake was moist, bright red in color, and had nice soft chocolate flavor. The frosting was a light fluffy whipped cream frosting.  I was expecting a cream cheese frosting but the whipped frosting was pleasantly different.  The Chocolate Toffee Crunch cupcake was flavorful, moist, chocolaty and very tasty as well.  This cupcake also had a whipped cream frosting. If you do not like sweet frosting this cupcake shop would be the best place for you to go. 
Our next and last cupcake shop of the day was Best Buns Bread Company, Arlington, VA. Based on the  name of the shop you can guess that cupcakes are not their specialty.  So much so that when we got there the selection was very slim, so slim that there was only one flavor to pick from, Chocolate Peanut Butter.  Can you guess which cupcake we picked?  The cupcake was jumbo sized and priced at $2.95.  The chocolate cupcake was moist and chocolaty however, the peanut butter frosting tasted chalky.  I think that this shop has the potential to have tasty cupcakes when the selection is available (there were placards, but no cupcakes).  I would have been curious to taste their red velvet.  Next time we have dinner at Sweet Water, we will stop by Best Buns Bread Company again to see if they have different cupcakes available.

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